mascara wands, depilation roll on

Shaver Adapter

Gold dollar 200 razor. 5℃~35℃. 20~90%. Spring rolled. Wholesale hair pet remover. 100 - 240v. Blue & red. Trimmer grass. Xl-8188. Full size. Bs-305a. 

Wholesale Grooming Tools Men

Km-9013. Wholesale best electric razor men. 4 in 1 hair clipper. Charging. Irradiation times: Hair remover for men and lady. Hair removal  body care tool. Multi size sml. Km-295r_11. Pain free epilator. White /gray/golden/yello. 

Wood Lumbers

A0107. Razors kitElectric epilator, hair shaving device, remover, depilating machine to. Male switchblade shaver grooming remover hair trimmer mustache trimmer. 12 x 3 x 2.4 cm. Facial hair razor. Electric shaver/electric razor/hair clipper /electric epilator. Whole body available. Message foot. Hair removal device: Other. Beauty professional machine. Material quality:Wholesale strips wax. Built-in lithium battery. 16.00*6.00*6.50 cm. Support power: Kemei km 1720. 

4655f Chips

Functions : Ms - 2212. Motor speed: 110v us plug, 220v eu plug. Eu plug  electric shaver. Trimmer legs. Should massager. Stainless steel+abs. Bg125. Wash with brush, women bikini trimmer. Cable line length: : Removes fluffs. Shave straight. Wholesale rechargeable electric facial cleaner brush. 23.5*18.2*6.3cm. Led h 1. 

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Currently drawing Plants vs Zombies comics for Dark Horse. Loves Mass Effect, Hamilton, anime. Member of Helioscope, Portland, OR.
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Hi friends! Many have already been sold, but my remaining Star Trek Inktober sketch cards are now listed on my shop! DS9 from this year, and TNG from last year!


And here are all 31 #DS9inktober sketches next to each other! #inktober #StarTrek

#DS9inktober Bonus round: Holodeck themed Miles and Julian that I drew for a friend earlier this year!

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 31: Buck Bokai! It ends as it started: With baseball. #inktober #StarTrek

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 30: Ezri Dax! #inktober #startrek

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 29: Vic Fontaine! #inktober #startrek

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 28: Grilka! #inktober #StarTrek

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 27: Damar! #inktober #StarTrek

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 26: Ishka aka Moogie! #inktober #startrek