Handmade Bamboo Storage Box Kitchen Tea Container Jar Cans Organizer Spice Round Vacuum Caps Seal Canister Carving Peking Opera

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Kx450f Kawasaki Motorcycle

Gsx1300. O-ring oilJacket type: Csl45*55*5 mm. 130-160-17. M0013in7001. Trunk replacement. M1093s7006. Toyota toyota ||: Full mask. 

Green Oring

75*100*10 oil seal. E0680s6013. E1075h7504. Wholesale orange o ring. Paint wheel hub. 2100-15. Foodstuffs, drink, medical processing. By ups/dhl. E231732. Shock absorber motorcycle. Kexroth pump or motor. Black silicone pastis. Huawei seal. 90 kg lock. Bia-25. 90*120*13/9.5 oil seal. 45*60*8 mm. Heat resistant polyimide tape. Car rubber |||: 

Kx 250 Kawasaki

481f-1006020. 12592355. 6805. Ft-25. Pbs 75. 75*120*7. Application1: M74d-75. 3.15mm x 1.8mm. Bia-68. Mg12/80. Screw air compressors, vacuum pumps, motors, blowsers, gear boxes.... 

Size 40 Pumps

Voltage: Z 015. Wholesale k 80. ResiSeal 15x28x7. Jis-s4-s7006. 112-85mm. Colander siliconeO ring 225. Oil resistance  heat resistance. Disposable plastic seals. 301-23. Pa600. 35x48x5.5mm or 35*48*5.5mm. Wholesale amx. Length of chain: Motor seals. 

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Ron Chan

Comics & storyboard artist.
Currently drawing Plants vs Zombies comics for Dark Horse. Loves Mass Effect, Hamilton, anime. Member of Helioscope, Portland, OR. www.RonChan.net
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Hi friends! Many have already been sold, but my remaining Star Trek Inktober sketch cards are now listed on my shop! DS9 from this year, and TNG from last year! http://www.ronchan.net/store/


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#DS9inktober Bonus round: Holodeck themed Miles and Julian that I drew for a friend earlier this year!

#DS9inktober Sketch Day 31: Buck Bokai! It ends as it started: With baseball. #inktober #StarTrek

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#DS9inktober Sketch Day 27: Damar! #inktober #StarTrek

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